Hey momma,

I’m glad you’re here.

Day by day, your child is growing and you’re growing too, as a parent and as a person.

Parenting is not a one-size-fits all approach. The way you raise your child is highly influenced by cultural, family and, likely, spiritual values. My passion is helping families like you navigate the waters of the ultimate job; raising a child. Helping your child develop healthy habits from a young age is vital to their long term health and well-being. Though the end goal is the same, the approach may vary greatly from family to family, and that is ok!

What I’ve found over many years of clinical experience, through helping thousands of families, is that there are many ways to be successful as a parent; the kind of parent that you’ve always dreamed of being. Part of my mission is supporting you in creating the family legacy that you’ve always dreamed of; the kind you’ll be proud to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

Do you feel like you’ve read all of the books, joined all of the mommy groups and pages, even taken a few courses and yet, you’re still trying to sort out all of the information coming at you? You are not alone!

One of my goals is to help you navigate the sea of information that’s readily available to you on the internet. Where you get your info matters and my promise to you is to provide you with valid resources and keep you in the know, regarding the most up-to-date guidelines, in addition to what the current science says.

This is a space for education, support and encouragement; a space where we get to expand on those basic topics you wish you had a few more minutes to talk about with your child’s primary care provider. I’ll be touching on topics that are important to parents right now, based on my daily engagement with families, raising children of all ages.

This is also a space where you’ll be encouraged to give yourself some grace, because you don’t have to be the perfect parent. The great news is that you’re allowed to grow and change along the way; to become a better version of you each and every day! Parenting is a journey and I am here to support you in your unique journey.

Please join me as we dive into the topics that are most important to parents right now!