"Heather provided a step-by-step plan. She was very patient and made herself available.  She never missed a scheduled follow-up call and responded to all texts. 

We were able to be candid about our challenges and she remained non-judgmental.  Now [Our baby] is back in her room in the crib!"


"Heather was wonderful!

I had to learn the differences [in her] cries and Heather helped with that.

[She] sleeps until 6 am now!"


"Working with Heather allowed us to break habits that were disrupting our daughter’s sleep as well as our own. We have now found a comfortable routine for sleep that still allows us to be with her while she settles for bed, but does not disrupt her sleep at night.

Heather seemed very knowledgeable about children and sleep. She was cognizant of the differing temperaments of children and how sleep evolves even week to week at times.

She created a plan that met our unique needs and helped to adapt our plan as our needs changed.

She was very supportive and non-judgmental. I felt comfortable being open and honest, even if it meant admitting to caving or straying from the plan slightly. She was gentle and reassuring while helping get me and my daughter back on track.

I truly found Heather to be a wonderful sleep coach. I felt as if I was talking to one of my close friends."